DPNS is a full service network design, installation, and administration consulting company.

We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled network services to our clients.

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• Outsource vs. In-house IT Staff

• One Stop Shop

• Multi-team Approach & Diversity of Experience

• Leveraging Your Support Dollar

• No Worries Guarantee

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DPNS is your one stop shop for all your IT needs. DPNS will help design and build an affordable and state of the art network tailored for your specific business needs and provide seamless implementation and 24/7 monitoring of your network so you can get back to what you do best.

Our strategic partnerships with today's leading vendors as well as our diverse array of services enables DPNS to provide our clients with the best possible pricing on cutting edge technology, hardware and software products out in the markets today including Microsoft, Dell, Sonicwall and GFI to name a few. With more companies looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing efficiency and quality, DPNS goes out of its way to help our clients achieve this desired goal in more ways than one.

Technology is always evolving and recently with the latest advances in “Virtualization” technology, DPNS is able to now provide energy efficient and cost effective “green” IT solutions utilizing the latest Microsoft products. By creating clustered and virtualized environments DPNS can help reduce energy costs up to 60% without sacrificing any productivity or efficiency to your network.

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If you wish to contact us by phone or letter please contact us at:

DPNS Network Solutions
32 Holman Blvd. 2nd Floor
Hicksville, NY 11801


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