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Outsource vs. In-house IT Staff

The question of whether or not to hire a full-time IT Staff or obtain a technical support contract with DPNS has today's businesses baffled. In this faltering economy where every dollar counts we believe the wise choice is to allow DPNS to manage your system remotely for the following reasons:

One Stop Shop

DPNS has strategic partnerships with some of the largest vendors in the industry and offers a comprehensive list of services. Our clients can rely on DPNS to serve every technology related need that arises. In many situations we have expanded our realm of service offerings in order to continue to accommodate the needs of our clients.

Multi-team Approach & Diversity of Experience

A single IT person is a one-man team and entirely human; therefore able to assist only one user at a time, and is limited to the experiences of that IT person. By contracting with DPNS's technical support team, our clients acquire our entire staff able to field multiple issues at the same time. We're up to speed quickly with minimal set up time and disruption to your daily business function. Not all computer problems are similar. Some deal with pieces of hardware and types of software that require special expertise. DPNS Tech Support Team provides you with a variety of experts in areas such as Routers, Microsoft Technologies, Novell, UNIX, Mac and other specialized areas. We take the time to learn your business to help you translate what makes it unique.

Leveraging Your Support Dollar

A full-time IT Professional generally earns on average approximately $75,000 - $120,000 in salary annually and would spend much of his/her time performing non-IT related activities. For about half that cost, DPNS can provide our full administrative and IT services for an office of approximately 35-75 people.

No Worries Guarantee

DPNS guarantees the quality of its work and services. We provide you with 24-hour technical support and emergency call response time for the life of your contract with us.

If you wish to contact us by phone or letter please contact us at:

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